In this world, there are people who think and there are people who feel. For too long in our life, we have chosen to be the thinkers. We have deadened our minds and hearts to see what is going on around us.

Then there are dreamers as well. We belong to that category. We dream of a world which is pure, clean and at it’s most beautiful state. Which is also a place for a Global Citizen without any geographical borders. What if we have geographical borders? We have this beautiful art called photography too. It is highly debatable that we would be able to see the whole world in a lifetime but then we can at least see and show it through photographs.

What is the difference between workshop, tour and expedition?

Workshop: We have a very light schedule, and in between sessions we spend lots of time on lessons, processing instruction. We have time to teach each other in-fields. Suitable starting from very beginners.

Tour: We bring you at amazing locations at exact time! We help you to setup cameras and travel a lot at places we know well. We are short in time to make so many tuition sessions as we can do during workshop. We work altogether in the field. Suitable for beginners as well as amateurs.

Expedition: We use all our time to work hard on our photography! We have almost no time for tuition, but we work shoulder to shoulder, sharing our secrets and tips. You may always consult with a leader. You should know your camera settings very well, it is not suitable for beginners. If you are beginner you can join the expedition, but do not expect that we will have plenty of time for tuition. Expedition schedule is usually packed with hikes, sessions and hard work on a subject shoulder to shoulder.

Photography tours and workshops are the best way to travel with fellow photographers, make new friends, know their shooting techniques. We have a special schedule that help you to take best possible photos. We usually learn a lot from each other and have so much fun!